DEEP TISSUE – Deep massage of muscles

Massage is using an intensive technique is it working with muscles and other soft tissues. It relieves or completely eliminates muscle pain and helps improve mobility, restores muscle group tension and relaxes stiff muscles and muscle blocks.

1500 CZK


This massage is used self-regulatory mechanisms of the human body. The sophisticated method helps to induce a body balance and harmony. The therapist is focused to primary rhythm of respiration – rhythmic moves by tissues and fluids by this method.

1500 CZK


This massage is a special type of sound therapy in which is there a healing by sound which is a positive for our senses it also induces a feeling of inside peace and it acts in all levels of our existence such as mental, physical and emotional.

1500 CZK

Tantric massage

This massage is working with our energy sources and sexuality. It brings deep relaxation on a physical and mental level, detoxifies the body and relieves accumulated stress. Tantric is focused on the harmony of the body and mind, the flow of sexual energy, and the balance of Yin and Yang.

2000 CZK